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1st June 2010

1:12am: 16 Macross Frontier icons :)
I decided to try making some icons - it's my first time, so these icons are simply.

I'm a big fan of Sheryl x Alto :3 so you won't find Ranka here [hell~ i hate her.......]

Hope you like it.

IMPORTANT: I credit all images to imouto, I don't know who made some of those fanarts. If you know - please let me know so then I'll add more credits ^^

Please, feel free to comment!!!
Current Mood: calm

2nd December 2009

2:04pm: Huh~
Oh, god, sorry for not writing here, but I actually have my own blog :P

Today I added my first entry in a community D: ! Woah XD ! It's really great to have some news for Trinity Blood fans :D
Current Mood: cheerful

13th April 2007

8:10pm: My first note _*_
So... This is my first post ^^ *kanpai!*
I'm new so I must get to know everything here - see you soon ;)
Current Mood: nervous
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